Make Things Happen.

We believe there is a better way of doing things; local people are the best people to shape services which will benefit the local area.

Devonport and Stonehouse, WE LOVE YOU!

You are home to each of our Bakehouse Cafes and we want to show you some love.

Column Bakehouse is working with Power to Change to invest up to £15,000  in Devonport and Stonehouse.

We are looking to invest in projects and  business that are beneficial to the neighbouring communities of Devonport and Stonehouse. This could be the start of an idea for solving problems in the local area; an established community business wishing to grow; or an established group that might be looking to set up a community business!

The best part is; it’s our lovely Bakehouse customers who have the choice of which projects we support,  making a real connection between the cup of coffee or loaf of bread bought in the Bakehouse to the benefit that has to the local community.

Got an enterprising idea that could benefit our community but need some funding? Apply for investment to Make Things Happen!

For  further information email

Applications are open from February 26th and the deadline for applicants is March 18th.

Winners of the fund will be announced on Community Business Weekend, May 05-06th 2018.

Good luck!


Apply here

The Power to Change Empowering Places programme includes investment pots to help community projects and business ideas get started.  This enables individuals and groups, with passion and drive to make things happen in Stonehouse and Development, to turn their ideas into reality.

For more information and guidance, click here.